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enjoying the closeness无码福利日韩神码福利片

After a night of fun, Mo woke up in the hotel bed, Jessica’s arm draped over her still. Mo stayed still, enjoying the closeness, even though she was still quite sore from the night before. A few minutes later Jessica rolled over with a yawn and rubbed her eyes. “Good morning pet,” she said when she saw that Mo was awake. “Good morning,” Mo replied, leaning over for a kiss. “I’m going to order us some breakfast and coffee. Why don’t you go get the shower started and I’ll join you in a minute?” Jessica told her. Mo walked past the various clothes, toys and ropes scattered around the room while Jessica sat down at the hotel desk and called room service. After she used the toilet and started the shower, Mo hopped in and enjoyed the warm water on her aching body. Her breasts and ass were still a bit red from the spankings last night. Jessica joined her a few minutes later, and they spent an enjoyable time soaping and washing each other. Jessica teased Mo with her fingers, but didn’t go beyond that.They got out of the shower, towelled themselves dry and got into a pair of hotel robes. They sat and chatted for a few minutes until there was a knock on the hotel door, and Jessica got up. She came back with tray that had two full breakfasts on it an a large pot of coffee. They watched a little tv as they ate, Mo enjoying just spending some time with Jessica. It wasn’t until Jessica poured Mo her fourth cup of coffee that Mo began to suspect anything. “I don’t think I can have anymore coffee,” Mo said. “I’ll get all jittery.”“That’s alright,” Jessica said, taking away the cup of coffee. A moment later it was replaced by a large glass of water. “You can have this instead.”Mo was already feeling like maybe she had had a bit too much to drink already that morning, but she did as she was told. Jessica patted her on the head, and started cleaning up the room. Once most of the toys were put away, Jessica opened Mo’s suitcase and began going through her clothes. She set out a short skirt, a baby blue thong and a tight t-shirt.Jessica stood back and said, “I think that should be a cute outfit. Why don’t you get dressed.”“Shouldn’t there be a bra?” Mo asked. “Don’t be silly,” Jessica told her. “The shirt will be perfectly fine.”Mo wasn’t sure about that. Without a bra on underneath, her breasts would be pushing through the thin fabric in a very obvious way. “Hurry up now pet. Unless you want another spanking?”Mo hurried over to the clothes, discarding the robe along the way. She rear was a little to tender for another spanking quite yet. She pulled on the tight top, then stepped into the thong, before finally sipping on the skirt which barely covered her ass. She turned so Jessica could see, very conscious of her hard nipples showing through the shirt. “Perfect,” Jessica said with a small clap of appreciation. “There are just two more things. Flip up your skirt and bend over the bed.”Mo did as she was told. Jessica came up behind her, feeling and squeezing her ass. She then spread Mo’s cheeks, pulled the string of the thong to one side, and slowly pushed an already lubricated buttplug into Mo’s ass. When it was all the way in, Jessica readjusted the thong back into place. Then she slipped something into the front of Mo’s thong so that it rested on top of her pussy and was held in place by the fabric. Mo jumped when it started buzzing. Jessica has put a vibrating egg into her panties, controlled by the remote that she was holding.“I think that will do,” Jessica said, surveying her handiwork. She turned the egg on and off a few times to watch Mo’s reaction and make sure that it was held in place. “Now, I forgot to bring a few things with me. There’s a Safeway’s across the street where you should be able to get them.”“You want me to go shopping? Like this!” Mo sputtered.“Of course. That’s what I got you all dressed up after all.”“Um, okay. I can try. What do you need?”“I wrote you a list,” Jessica said, handing Mo a folded piece of paper and a twenty dollar bill. “You can read the list when you get to the store.”Mo took the paper, and moved towards the bathroom door. “What do you think you’re doing?” Jessica asked. “I need to go pee before I go out,” Mo whined. All the coffee and water she had drunk that morning had arrived in her bladder, and she was starting to feel the need in a big way.“You can do that when you get back. Hurry along now,” Jessica said as she guided Mo to the hotel door. The door shut behind Mo, and then the vibrator nestled against her pussy turned on. It felt amazing, but it also put more pressure on her bladder. Mo tried to hurry to the elevator,精品久久久无码中文字幕天天 but the buttplug made it hard to walk quickly, and the sensations from her pussy kept distracting her. When she got to the elevator Mo was relieved to see that there was no one else waiting. She hit the call button and waited.In the elevator ride down, the vibrator turned off, just as Mo was starting to wonder what she would do if it triggered an orgasm while she was out. Her relief was short lived however, as it turned back on as she was walking through the lobby. Jessica appeared to have programmed it with a five minutes on, two minutes off cycle. Mo had to walk half a block and wait for the lights to change before she could cross the street to get to the grocery store. By the time she got there she was a mess. Her thong had been soaked through, her nipples were pushing straight out of her shirt and her face was flushed. She stepped inside, trying to ignore the growing pressure in her bladder, and unfolded Jessica’s note.When she read it, Mo’s face turned and even brighter red. Jessica wanted her to buy a bottle of lube and two large cucumbers. The note also specified that she wasn’t allowed to use the self checkout, she had to see a cashier. Mo could feel that a number of the men and a few of the women in the store were checking out her outfit as she grabbed a basket and hurried to the pharmacy section. She grabbed the first bottle of lube she saw on the shelf, just as the vibrator turned on and she moaned. A teenage girl buying tampons watched her and giggled. Trying her best to hurry, Mo headed to the produce section, the buttplug a pleasurable and incredibly distracting presence as she walked. She tossed two English cucumbers into her basket, dreading what Jessica had planned for them. Mo hurried over to the checkout. She was able to get into the express lane with only one person ahead of her. Mo unloaded her things onto the conveyer belt, trying to press her legs together under her skirt to help with the pressure on her bladder. When the customer ahead of her was done, the middle aged cashier rang up the cucumbers and lube for Mo. She didn’t say anything as Mo paid her, but Mo could tell she was amused by the whole thing.After an excruciating walk back to the hotel, Mo got into the elevator, thankfully alone again. She was almost ready to explode when the vibrator turned on as the door opened at her floor and she grabbed her crotch with one hand to try and keep it in while she waddled down the hallway. She knocked on the hotel room, praying that Jessica would open it quickly. Jessica did, but then she stepped out and closed the door behind her.“What are you doing?” Mo begged. “I need to pee!”Jessica just grabbed Mo’s hand and led her down the hallway. She pulled Mo into the small room that contained the ice machine and a couple of vending machines. Jessica took the shopping bag from Mo’s hand to check that she had bought everything on the list, ignoring Mo’s desperation. Jessica nodded with satisfaction, then took one of the plastic buckets for ice and set it on the tiled floor. “You can piss now,” Jessica said, indicating the bucket. Mo was too frantic to care that someone might walk in on them. She reached down to pull off her thong, only for Jessica to stop her. “Those stay on.”Mo shot Jessica an evil glare, but she squatted down over the bucket. It was then that Jessica turned the vibrator up to its highest setting. Mo couldn’t help herself, her bladder released and a huge orgasm ripped through her. The aftershocks where still making her shiver and moan when she finally stopped peeing, the bucket beneath her half full of yellow liquid. Mo’s thong was completely soaked, and her thighs were wet with urine. Jessica handed Mo back the shopping bag and said, “Come along, lets go get you cleaned up. You’re a mess.”“And who’s fault is that?” Mo asked indignantly as she stood up and followed Jessica out of the ice room. “Don’t forget your piss,” Jessica told her. “You don’t want to leave that for the cleaning staff.”Face burning, Mo walked back to their hotel room carrying the shopping bag and ice bucket full of urine.